We are an agency that works as a property brokerage offering furnished rooms at hall of residences and apartaments/houses for foreigners in Santiago, Chile. We also offer a selected number of private and furnitured flats. Long stays are our business.

We do not work with hostels (bed&breakfast) or hotels.

All the places that have been selected, were visited and photographed personally by us in order to better know the hosts and their homes, and to give them advice on how to initiate, maintain, and keep the best relationships with you, our guests. During your stay we will be in frequent contact with your host, to verify that the service quality is adequate.

We have an average experience of several years offering various services to foreign visitors who elect Chile to study, work, travel, or simply choose to visit our country to gain a new experience in life. This broad spectrum of activities has given us very good knowledge and understanding of a great variety of peoples and cultures thus facilitating our task to select the services hereby offered to you.

We therefore invite you to live experiences of culture and language, sharing your temporal dwelling in our country with Chileans, at the most convenient prices in the local market.


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