1. Go through this site and look for the type of lodging that best suits your needs.

2. Send us an e-mail utilizing the CONTACT link. The most important ones are your dates of arrival and departure from that lodging, area of town of your preference, category of lodging (student residence, shared apartment or private flat) and type of room (single, double twin, double matrimonial). You can also inform on which reservation codes are your favorites for leasing. Based on that information, our agency will verify the availabilities satisfying your needs. If no vacancies are available, we will suggest to you a few similar alternatives.

3. Once you receive our reply confirming lodging availabilities that meet your requirements, we will proceed to make the definite reservation, for which we will need to verify your personal data.

4. To book a room you have to send in advance an amount corresponding to the 100% of the GUARANTEE DEPOSIT + the 100% of our AGENCY FEE. Money transfer has to be directed to us via,, or to our international bank account.
More details about will be provided via email. Besides, you have to send your personal documents: passport, acceptance letter of your Chilean University and flight tickets to/from Santiago, Chile.

5. Addresses, telephone numbers and names of the hosts will be provided to you only once we receive the reservation money and your documents. A receipt is sent to you via e-mail as a confirmation.

6. Our agency has entered into agreements with all hosts who are members of this network, thus having ample access to good lodgings at very convenient prices, with guaranteed quality since they have been working with us for quite some time already.

7. IMPORTANT: Once the reservation payment is made (deposit + agency fee), and in case of cancellation of your reservation/accommodation, these money amounts are not refundable under any circumstance to the customer, being retained by the residence/apartment as a compensation. By other hand, the agency fee is not refundable either, since it is understood that our service and the reservation procedure, have already been executed.

8. The money from the security deposit cannot be used to pay a monthly lease or rent, not even in the last month of your stay. If you do not comply with the total of the committed stay -and that was recorded in the PDF document that we sent to your email at the end of your reservation-, and you decide to leave the housing before the final date informed, your deposit in guarantee will be retained by the owner of the residence/apartment as a compensation. This deposit will be returned to you if you have fulfilled your full commitment of 5 or 10 months of stay and if you have not caused damage to the room or residence.

NOTE 1: Please, consider this content as a general and public regulation regarding the operation of our agency and the residences or apartments that offer furnished rooms for rent.

NOTE 2: Photographs on this website were taken by our own, so their reproduction or use by third parties is prohibited. Law No. 17,336 on Intellectual Property, Chile.


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